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· Exceptional Freshness

· Minimal Handling (farm to table)

· Better Health

· Access to Rare Fruits and Vegetables

· Less Trips through the “Fresh Produce” Section

· Nutritious for the Whole Family

· Find Out for Yourself!

 What’s in it?

For 20 weeks you will be able to come to the farm weekly and select from our inventory of available produce. We usually have at least 10 and up to 30 different vegetables and fruits available to choose from.

Like most small farms, “High Season” is when we have the most abundance of crops, which is during the summer months of July, August, and September.  Our biggest 3 crops are Sweet Corn, Melon (watermelon and cantaloupe), and Tomatoes which are all best during the summer. A complete list of our expected crops this year, broken down into each season is located below.

Our Program

Our  2024 CSA program is 20 weeks. We aim to start the first week of June and our last pick up is near Thanksgiving. The Half Share cost is $350, and the Full Share cost is $700.  We also have 1/4 and 3/4 shares available. A non-refundable deposit of $125 is due at the time of registration. The remainder is due in full by June 1st. (Another payment schedule can be arranged if needed.)


Half Share members will pick up $17.50 worth of produce each week (around 4-8 items)

Full Share member will pick up $35 worth of produce each week. (around 8-12 items)


Each week we set up a private market for our members. This market consists of several tables of our current harvest selection and includes a price list to guide you. Most items are sold individually or by the bunch for convenience, but some of our items  do need to be weighed using a scale which we supply for you in our private CSA area (this is separate from our normal Farm Stand).  Our CSA also runs on the Honor System and we will be there to help assist you but we trust you to maintain the integrity of our system by calculating your weekly share and remembering to record it accurately in our log each week.


The default pick up day for our 2024 CSA is Monday from  - 6pm. We allow a 24-hour grace period for those who are unable to make it, and you can just pick up that week’s share from the normal Farm Stand by 4pm Wednesday. Each member will be allowed to use this grace period 3 times.


If you know that you will be unable to pick-up on any given week, you may notify us 48-hours in advance and we’re happy to work out a different day with you. If you miss a week and do not make arrangements with us, that week’s share value is not rolled over or refunded but deducted from your overall share value.

Special Features

· Rare Heirlooms from over 40 countries

· Honor System

· Market-Style Pick-Up Days

· Early Access to Special Crops

· Custom Choice (take less one week and more another)











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